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Growing Your Business

We are Christchurch team of photographers and videographers who are dedicated to the creation of incredible work in an extremely efficient manner for clients throughout New Zealand.

Together we can take your business to the next level of growth through a high quality representation of your brand to a growing visual audience. We can produce content for online use such as web videos, onscreen through TV commercials or in print with high quality photography.

Innovation and flexibility

We love to see great ideas translate into innovative images. We can help with all areas of a video production, from pre-production to post production and interactive digital delivery.

We can handle all your production requirements to your concept through to completion, we can provide just the shooting and editing resource or hire professional video and photography equipment for self managed creation.  

Our Clients
M3 Creative is a production agency focused on commercial cinematography and photography. Our goal is to help turn your vision in to reality.
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